Sport Clubs

We have 34 different sport clubs and within those clubs there are over 54 teams that represent the University and compete in British Univeristy & College Sport Leagues (BUCS)

Some of our clubs are availble to 'JUST JOIN' whilst others require you to attend a taster/trial session as these compete in 'BUCS WEEKLY' competitions 


If you want to compete at the highest university level in the BUCS (British University and College Sports) league against different universities around the country, look no further than our 'BUCS WEEKLY' Clubs. Taster sessions and trials run in September/October


If you are looking to try a new sport, or if you just want to play a sport you love in a fun and engaging evironment with other Northumbria University students, our 'JUST JOIN' clubs are a great way to enjoy a sport. 

Take a look at the A-Z of sports below or click one of the options to narrow down your search.