Northumbria Equestrian encourages players of all abilities to come and join the club to have fun and make lasting friendships!

Equestrian offers training slots led by a qualified coach in partnership with Stepney Bank Stables. Everyone within the Equestrian Club train together, with individuals competing in BUCS combining scores to get an overall team score, making Equestrian one of Northumbria’s most cohesive sports. The club have two BUCS teams and two development teams. The BUCS teams will compete in regional and national rounds against other universities with BUCS points and rosettes up for grabs. 

Equestrian also provides opportunities to get involved in a wide range of social events, again reinforcing the friendliness and approachability of the club.

Getting involved

Equestrian is one of our ‘JUST JOIN’ clubs.

For more information on getting involved please contact our Club President or Head Coach.


Club Costs

The Equestrian club will have coached lessons and use of equipment (rent of Stepney Bank horses) included in their membership fee as well as entry into the BUCS leagues.

  • Equestrian Club Semester 1 only price  | £225
  • Equestrian Club Semester 2 only price  | £TBC

Looking to purchase your membership now? Please follow the link below and complete all fields required:

Due to the current COVID restrictions, we are unable to deliver our normal Sport Club activity. In addition, BUCS Leagues and Knockout competitions have now been cancelled for the 2020/21 season. Read more

We hope to be able to offer club training and social sport activity later in the year. Join our mailing list to keep updated   

Training Times & Venues

All training takes place at Stepney Bank Stables and your session are booked directly through Stepney Bank. For further details, please contact your club captain and head coach. 

Key Contacts

Head Coach: Denise Wilson (Stepney Bank)

Club President: Jess Richfield

BUCS Club Captain: Charis Knipe

Development Club Captain: Allix Crawford