The Judo club at Northumbria are a friendly and welcoming club. Judo is an Olympic sport and martial art comprising of throws, holds, strangles and arm locks, the aim is to use your opponent’s weight against them meaning that your size doesn’t matter. Judo will also teach you how to fall safety in any physical confrontation. A skill, which can be used across many activities helping you avoid injury. As well as a variety of skills, Judo is a great workout improving other skills including balance, co-ordination and motion. Based out of Lipman Gym on city campus, the club have access to coached sessions throughout the week.

Those keen to compete on behalf of the university have access to enter BUCS Nationals held in Sheffield every year as well as regular grading events held on site or in the local area.  

On top of all the fun you will have in the pool, you will enjoy a variety of social events organised by the club making it the perfect opportunity to practice the sport you love while having a great time and making new friends.

Club costs: 

Judo Club: £125

Getting involved

Judo is one of our ‘JUST JOIN’ clubs so competitions are ran on set dates as oppose to weekly and club members have the option to enter the above mentioned BUCS event

For more information on getting involved please contact our Club President.

Training Times & Venues

Venue: Lipman Gym (On Campus) 

Training times: 

Monday - 17:00 - 18:30 

Sunday - 14:00 - 15:30 

Key Contacts

Head Coach: Stephen Welsh

Club President: Benjamin Greaves