The Jitsu club at Northumbria are a friendly and welcoming community with members based at the university and those from the local community. Based out of Lipman Gym on the city campus, the club has access to enjoyable and supportive coached Japanese jiu-jitsu sessions throughout the week. 

In addition to training tailored to your skill level, they have regular grading events held on site or in the local area, enabling you to see how much you’ve progressed and how empowered you’ve become. As a martial art they cover self-defence, throwing and locking techniques. The closeness and physicality of training breaks down many barriers, and helps you feel part of a strong jitsu community right from the start.

Those keen to compete on behalf of the university have access to enter BUCS Nationals held in Sheffield every year.

Getting involved

Jitsu is one of our ‘JUST JOIN’ clubs so competitions are ran on set dates as oppose to weekly and club members have the option to enter the above mentioned BUCS event.

For more information on getting involved please contact our Club President or Head Coach.

Club Costs

Jitsu Club: £125

Training Times & Venues

Lipman Gym

Monday: 18:30-20:00

Saturday: 10:00 - 12:00 

Key Contacts

Head Coach: David Chalton, Ruth Chalton

Club President: Ryan Travis

Club Captain: TBC