Membership Terms and Conditions

All customers who purchase a membership from Northumbria University Sport must read and agree to the following Terms and Conditions documents:

1. Northumbria University Sport Terms and Conditions

2. Northumbria University Sport Membership Types and Prices

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TEAM & CLUB Membership Documents


As a CLUB or TEAM member do I need to read any additional documents or policies?

Yes, to validate your membership you must confirm you have read the following documents by checking the boxes in the 'My Account' area of your your Northumbria Sport account

  1. Team Northumbria Athlete Agreement
  2. Northumbria Sport Health & Safety for Sports Club Guide
  3. Northumbria University Travel Risk Assessment

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Changes to Northumbria Sport

Why is the University making changes at this time?

Northumbria remains committed to high performance sport and will continue to compete at the highest levels, including British Universities & Colleges Sport (BUCS) leagues and competitions . The size and shape of our sports offer evolves every year.  In a changing environment that includes a reduction in available external funding, we must ensure that we continue to offer all our students value for money and the best possible student experience.

As a result, we are rebalancing our sports portfolio to engage more students in a broader programme of participation. We are doing this in line with our wider sport, health and wellbeing strategy across the University.

Whilst we will continue to compete at the highest level in many sports, in future, there will be a greater investment during the new University Strategy period of 2018-2023, on Student Participation and Engagement to ensure the sport offer at Northumbria is for all. This re-focus on University Sport will be delivered by growing and investing further in our wider sport, health and wellbeing strategy across the University. We will deliver a more extensive participation programme across our Clubs, Leagues and Volunteering with the aim to engage an additional 1,000 students and staff compared to 5,800 in 2017-18.  This increase will involve an expanded Club and League programme (Currently NORTH) and a new Hall Sport initiative, to actively engage first year students in their campus community.

After sending an email to the consultation inbox, I have received an automatic response. Will I be getting an individual response, or is my email just for feedback purposes?

Yes, all emails will be responded to individually. We will try our best to reply to your query as quickly as possible but we appreciate your patience on this

Referring to an email I received, when does the consultation period end?

The consultation period will last a total of 45 days, ending on Friday 24th August 2018. However, we will ensure offer holders, students and staff have sufficient information relayed to them over the upcoming weeks in advance of this date

National League

Why have the National League teams been directly affected within Northumbria Sport even though it is such a high level and attracts numerous students across the world?

The University remains committed to providing access for students to represent the University in as many sports as possible.Each of the National League sports also has representation within BUCS programmes and therefore with limited resources, it was not possible to sustain representation in both competitions – hence the decision to focus on BUCS.

We are currently working with a number of local partners to explore player pathways at National League level within the region.

My Daughter has been involved with the player pathway at Northumbria for Netball. Will this programme still be running considering the cut of Netball Super League?

The sessions that are currently running will continue, as planned. We have confirmed with England Netball that we would like to work with them and the Regional Management Board to preserve the player pathway within the region, for next year and beyond. The University, England Netball and the Regional Board all want to continue to develop the pathway across all age groups in order to support the re-establishment of a North East franchise in the near future. At this moment in time, we do not know the precise format, but there is definitely a national and regional drive to continue and the University will support it through the provision of facilities and support services. As a university, we are fully committed to women’s sport and the development of talented young girls in the region and want to play a key role in developing the game.


Will my sport be directly affected within BUCS?

The majority of the Team Northumbria sports will still be competing in BUCS.

The Northumbria sports that will be affected and will be removed from their respective BUCS competition in full under current proposals are:

Cricket (Indoor and Outdoor);
Gaelic Football;
Snowsports; and

Additionally, a number of individual 2nd and 3rd BUCS teams will be affected and will not be re-entered in BUCS leagues for 2018/19.  The teams no longer entered into BUCS competitions are: Badminton M2, Basketball M3, Futsal M3, Futsal W3, Golf 2, Netball 3, Rugby Union W2, Table Tennis W2 & W3, Table Tennis M2 and Tennis M2.

We will be further developing our participation programme and exploring options for further local and regional competition and opportunities with a variety of partners. 

What is Stan Calvert going to look like with a loss of certain BUCS programmes?

Following our successful run in the Stan Calvert Student Varsity this will be developed further with an aspiration to widen the event to ensure Stan Calvert is a varsity accessible to more students. We will be working with Newcastle University to start to shape the future of the competition

Membership package and programme

Will the prices of the membership of both Team Northumbria and NORTH be revaluated?

One of our key objectives is to ensure that the membership offer provides value for money for students and staff.The Team Northumbria membership prices will be revaluated as the package included is being changed.

Each year, we undertake a review of our membership offer and associated pricing structure to reflect the product and level of service on offer.

Scholarship packages

Does my Team Northumbria scholarship still stand if I have signed a contract?

If you have signed a contract that includes a Sport Financial Scholarship, you will still receive this financial support for the upcoming 2018/19 academic year. However, the athlete support services will have to be evaluated case by case and your new contract shall be tailored to those requirements. As always our financial scholarship commitments are evaluated every year.

Student Development Programme

Will there still be a Volunteer and Internship programme which is related to supporting Team Northumbria and the NORTH programme?

As a national award winning programme, a full student development programme will still be on offer. The only part that will change will be the roles offered in different areas of the service and with partners in the community. The student volunteer and internship programme contributes significantly to student employability, so is a key priority moving forwards. Next year, the programme will grow through the introduction of scholarships for talented young coaches and officials and the introduction of social action events that benefit individuals and communities.


As Colin Stromsoy (Director of Sport) decided it was the right time for someone else to take the lead, when will we find this out?

The University is currently reviewing the management structure of Sport at Northumbria.  Until this review has concluded, no direct replacement for Colin Stromsoy will be appointed.  We will provide updates on the progress of this review throughout the year.

In the meantime, BUCS sport will remain under the leadership of Heather Steel; Sports Facilities will be managed by Daryl Dixon; and Sports Participation (including Northumbria Sport Foundation) will be led by Sue Vout.

The BBC news article have stated that numerous staff members are affected. What staff members have been affected and will I have a coach for my team next year?

Given we are in consultation with staff affected by these changes, we are unable at this stage to make any comment in relation to this, suffice to say that we will ensure that all teams involved in next years’ programme will have appropriate coaching provision.

New Students and current Offer Holders

I am new to the University and would like to compete against other Universities, not just Northumbria students. If I do not get into a team, what are my options and other opportunities for this?

Next year, we will be organising some friendly fixtures against local universities, clubs and colleges across a number of sports. We piloted this in a couple of sports this year and it worked really well. We also enter local county leagues in a number of sports and grow the number of students who can take part in Stan Calvert. This year, we will also work with the four other universities in the region to investigate the possibility of forming a new North East University league.

I am a current offer holder and due to start in September. What are my options if I now wish to withdraw from Northumbria University? 

Please get in touch with us directly so we can ensure you can receive the correct information for your circumstances from ourselves and the University Admissions team.

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Do you have any part time vacancies at Northumbria University Sport?

When we do advertise for general vacancies, information is always available through the central University website at http://work4.northumbria.ac.uk/.

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How do I book an event at Sport Central?

To book your event please contact our dedicated Events and Conferences team at the following email address northumbriasportevents@northumbria.ac.uk.

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Do I need to read the Terms and Conditions before hiring a facility?

Yes, it is very important that the Terms and Conditions are read in full before you make your purchase to ensure that you are fully aware of the terms of your purchase.

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What type of events does Sport Central host?

The type of events range from 3,000 spectator events, through to conferences for 100 delegates and day to day meetings for 12 people.

To find out more please contact our Events Team via northumbriasportevents@northumbria.ac.uk.

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How can I pay for my membership?

Annual Membership can be purchased using our Memberships page. Annual membership can also be purchased in person at Sport Central. Payment must be made in full by either cash, cheque or credit/debit card before any use of sport facilities or services takes place.

Monthly membership paid by Direct Debit can be purchased using our Memberships page.  Monthly membership may also be purchased in person at Sport Central.

Direct Debit payments will be collected from your account on the 1st of each month or the nearest working day after that date and relate to the month ahead. When purchasing a Direct Debit membership, a pro-rata payment will be required for the amount that relates to the time between the membership contract being entered into and the first Direct Debit collection date. If purchasing online, this amount must be paid for by Credit or Debit Card. Payment may also be made in cash or cheque if purchasing in person at Sport Central.

Please note however that any membership contracts entered into after the 15th of the month will be liable for a longer pro-rata payment as it will not be possible due to the processing time required to collect on the 1st of the following month

Example A: If a membership contract were entered into on the 10th November, a pro-rata payment for the period 10th November to the 30th November would be payable. The first Direct Debit deduction would take place on the 1st December and relate to the month of December.

Example B: If a membership contract were entered into on the 16th November, a pro-rata payment for the period 16th November to the 31st December would be payable as the deadline for processing would have been missed. The first Direct Debit deduction would take place on the 1st January and relate to the month of January.

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I am a graduate of Northumbria University; do I qualify for student membership rate?

Student membership is only available to individuals who are on a current accredited course at Northumbria University and are registered on the Northumbria University student database. If you have graduated from Northumbria University you will qualify for Associate membership, a degree certificate is required as proof of graduation.

Retired members of Northumbria University staff, direct family members of Northumbria University staff, NUS Card Holders and 16-18-year-old bus, metro or train Card Holder also qualify for associate membership.

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I would like to cancel my membership; how do I do this?

You can cancel or modify your membership by completing an Online Membership Modification Form.

Please check our Terms and Conditions carefully to find out whether you are eligible to cancel your membership.

To ensure that we can contact you to confirm your cancellation or discuss any issues, please check that your email address is input correctly and add the domain '@northumbria.ac.uk’ to your safe senders list.

Modify/Cancel My Membership

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I am a Northumbria University staff member, what is Salary Sacrifice?

Salary Sacrifice was a scheme where employees had a NORTH membership that was taken from their pay before tax, saving them money. The scheme has now been removed by our government and is no longer available. Current salary sacrafice will have their membership price honoured until 12 months after the sign up date (until 31st March 2018 at the latest. 

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Do I need to read the Terms and Conditions before purchasing a membership?

Yes, it is very important that the Terms and Conditions are read in full before you purchase your membership to ensure that you are fully aware of the terms of your purchase. You will also be accepting our Health Commitment Statement when joining, which can be read here.

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Do I need to sign up for membership for a year or do you offer monthly memberships?

We offer two membership options, annual and monthly direct debit. All annual memberships runs from 1st September to 31st August of the following year irrespective of when the purchase takes place.

Monthly NORTH Fitness subscriptions are offered on a minimum three-month Direct Debit contract period. You may not cancel your membership in this period other than in accordance with section 2.14.5 of the Terms and Conditions.

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Kids Camps - All you need to know



During camps there are a few things that your son/daughter will need:

  • Packed lunch containing enough food for lunch and any snacks they might want throughout the day
  • NAMED water bottle that they will be able to fill up at sport central throughout the day
  • Appropriate clothing and footwear e.g shorts, joggers, sports top/t-shirt and trainers.

Please do not send your child in wearing crop tops, jeans or football boots.

  • Swimming kit on the days specified from the Academy team. For swimming days you will need a costume/trunks, towel, goggles (optional) and shampoo/conditioner (optional)
  • Colouring/work activities and pencil cases can be brought in for lunchtime use and towards the end of the day




In the morning kids can be dropped off from 8:30 – 9am where they will sign in and meet everyone at camp.

The morning sessions run from 9 until 12 where kids will meet the coaches and other children, play some warm up games and take part in the first few sports of the day.

Lunch is from 12-1 every day. Everyone will have time to eat their food and have some time to rest and do some work activities if they wish (colouring sheets, quizzes and word searches). All lunches are supervised by Northumbria staff.

The rest of the afternoon sports will run up until 4/4:30 with a different sport being offered each hour. From 4-5 when parents begin to collect, there will be some cool down games and free time where the kids can decide what they play.  

Please be aware drop off time is from 8:30am – 9am and collection is from 4pm-5pm.

Please do not arrive before 8:30am or after 5pm. 



Every camp will have a Northumbria Sport member of staff as a Camp Manager, accompanied by one lead UKCC Level 2 coach. We also use Level 1 coaches and student volunteers to support the delivery of our camps.

ALL staff are registered/cleared with the Disclosure Barring Service (DBS) with an ENHANCED CHECK. 



Approximately 1 week prior to your camp you will receive a confirmation letter/ information pack via email which includes information for that week. In this email you will receive a rough session plan from the coaches and a few forms to be filled out including a consent and walking permission form. 

You can bring your registration forms with you on your first day, where we will ask for medical information and photography consent. Alternatively, you can download the form or complete one on the day you arrive.


If you would like to book onto any additional days you can do so by contacting r.winbow@northumbria.ac.uk to check what availability we have. 



Take a look at some of the sports we offer




Parachute games

Tunnel ball




Ultimate Frisbee





Capture the flag




Chaos game

House tournament




Kwik cricket





Table tennis









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