Northumbria Sport Photography Policy

1.0 Introduction

The following document outlines

The procedures for controlling the use of photography and video whilst on Northumbria Sport premises including facility photography requests
The processes in place for gaining consent to capture and use photo/video images across the Northumbria Sport service department

2.0 General Guidelines

2.1 Northumbria Sport  do not intend to ban the use of mobile phones, cameras or other image capturing equipment throughout the facilities, however their use is restricted to general circulation areas and not permitted in changing rooms, gym environment and swimming pool without prior permission.

2.2 Applications for consent to use any photographic equipment must be made via centre management. 

2.3 Any photography must not interfere with members’ use of the facilities, access to facilities or enjoyment of the facilities.

2.4 Any photography must not capture the image of any persons without their express written permission in advance (Using form 2018GDPR-ImageConsent) apart from exceptions made in 6.2, 7.2 and 7.3

2.5 Any photography must not violate University policies, regulation or rules

2.6 Any photography must not hinder access or egress from the facilities.

3.0 Photography During Events

3.1 Photographs may be taken at our sporting and non-sporting events for use in communications, news and marketing materials, including on our website and on social media channels.

3.2 Where you are not the subject of the image, i.e. if it is a “group” or “crowd” photograph, we may use such images without requiring your consent, however, where you are the subject of the photograph, you will be asked to provide your explicit consent to use the image, unless there is provision to publish for the purpose of journalistic purposes

3.3 Permanent notifications will be displayed in and around the ‘open’ areas of Sport Central to inform that photography may take place.

3.3 Northumbria Sport will however restrict photography to the area that the event is taking place (e.g. Arena) and will risk assess the event to ensure that the event is of a suitable nature to allow general photography.

3.4 There may be events where further photography restrictions are in place due to the nature of the event/activity. Temporary signage will be placed at such events to advise of this alongside appropriate event contact should permission be sought.

4.0 Photography during sports fixtures, training sessions, classes and camps

4.1 Photography may be taken of participants, as well as spectators, at our regular sports fixtures, classes and camps for use in communications, news and marketing materials, including on our website and on social media channels

4.2 Photography and videography may be captured and used without consent when it is to be used for journalistic purposes including in match reports and video highlights.

4.3 Additionally, where you are not the subject of the image, i.e. if it is a “group” or “crowd” photograph, we may use such images/video without requiring your consent

4.4 We will gain explicit written consent when;

1. You are the specific subject of the photograph/video and/or you have been named

2. We plan to use the image/video for commercial purposes

3. The subject of the photo/video is Under 18                                                                                                                                                         

5.0 Requesting access for photography – General (personal use)

5.1 Individuals or groups wishing to access facilities for photography purposes must:

5.1.1 Complete a Photography Request Form (QR-TN-071) including signed consent of any individuals who are the subject of filming. In the event that the subject is under the age of 16 years old, the consent form must be signed by a parent or guardian.

5.1.2 Submit the completed form at reception of the sport facility F.A.O Sport Experience Supervisor

5.1.3 Subject to Sport Experience Supervisor approval the authorised applicant will be issued a photography card which they must be prepared to present it upon request at any time that filming or photography is taking place.

5.2 The Photography Request Form (QR-TN-071) will contain the following details:

5.2.1 Name, address and phone number of the person requesting access to photograph

5.2.2 A list of their subjects’ names, ages, and with signed consent (by parent if under 16).

5.2.3 The relationship of the photographer and subject

5.2.4 The reason and intended use of the images being captured

5.2.5 The date that photography is intended to proceed, and areas that photography is intended to take place.

5.2.6 A signed declaration that the above information is correct, images will only be used for the reasons stated above and that should a customer complain or express concerns that filming will be stopped.

6.0 Requesting access for photography – Faculties (not HLS) /Services/Clubs/Hirers

6.1 Many of the Faculties and Services within the university as well as our partners and regular hirers will have already gained individual consent from those who will be involved in their photography and filming.

6.2 Based on this, a Photography Pass will be issued on an annual basis to allow these individuals to photograph/film as and when they need to in adherence with the policy.

6.3 Individuals wishing to gain a pass must:

6.3.1 Read the Northumbria Sport Photography Policy.

6.3.2 Sign a Northumbria Sport Photography Policy Declaration (QR-TN-097).

7.0 Photography  / Filming – Health and Life Sciences  (academic research)

7.1 In order to avoid the need for Health and Life Sciences students to gain separate permission from the facility, regardless of whether in labs or elsewhere on any of the site(s),  - authorisation will instead be provided directly by the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences  (either via Academic or Technical staff). However, access and filming permission in restricted areas such as the gym, pool and within classes must be given by Northumbria Sport.

7.2 All students will be provided with information, via the Faculty, a code of conduct that will include reference to any photography or filming within University property requiring, in the first instance, permission from a member of staff responsible for the project alongside acknowledging that the purpose of any filming / photography must be done with the permission of participants - and be for academic purposes only.  Where permission is granted a laminated pass (QR-TN-092) will be issued by Faculty staff and in instances where photography kit is signed out via the Faculty a further reminder will be issued regarding the photography policy prior to release.  Upon return of kit the laminated pass will be returned to the issuing Faculty.

8.0 Requesting access for photography – Media / Commercial use

8.1 All requests for photography or filming where the intended use is for Media or other commercial activities will be referred to the Communications & Commercial team

8.2 Once authorisation has been sought and agreed, an authorised pass will be issued

9.0 Control by Staff and General Public

9.1 Although the above procedures outlined in section 3.0 are in place, there may be times where photography and filming may be taking place without prior consent.

9.2 In recognition of the fact that some people may not request access for photography the staff and general public must remain vigilant in the identification of authorised and unauthorised use.

9.3 Customers are requested to be alert to any suspicious activity and to report any such incidents to a member of Northumbria Sport staff at the earliest opportunity.

9.4 Where a user is believed to be using photography equipment they should be approach by staff and requested to provide for inspection their signed, approved request to photograph form.

9.5 If the content or subject of the photography is deemed to be genuine then the individual or group should be advised of the policy and need for authorisation to be granted and this be duly completed. 

9.6 Should the individual or group not have authorised consent the member of staff should request that all photography be deleted, and should witness this being performed.

9.7 Should the content or the subject of the photography be deemed to be of a sexual or perverse nature the university security department should be contacted on x3200 to deal with the individual(s).

9.8 Should the content or the subject of the photography be deemed to be of a minor (as outlined in PO-TN-005) then the University security department should be contacted on x3200 and the appropriate procedures followed as outlined in PO-TN-005 for reporting allegations of abuse.



10.0 Right To Terminate

10.1 Northumbria Sport reserves the right to terminate any photography that causes an undue disturbance, violates university policy or rules, or endangers health and safety of participants, users or staff.

10.2 Northumbria University Sport also reserves the right to terminate the membership of any individual or group of individuals that misuse photography equipment within the facilities.

10.3 The University has a duty of care to its students and staff and we aim to provide a safe environment; anything which has potential to be perceived or felt as harassment or bullying is not acceptable.

10.4 Additionally, any individual has the right to object or restrict their image being taken or used. If you would like to exercise this right, please contact us as set out below.