Why You Should Be Doing Pilates


Why You Should Be Doing Pilates

I’ve been teaching Pilates for about a year and a half. Long before I became qualified I didn’t really have a clue what it was about, just like a lot of people. I did my first class and found some movements were quite familiar but done with a lot more control. It was so much more than 45 minutes lying down on a mat and I soon found a love for it, which led me to becoming qualified in teaching it.

Personally, I have noticed a vast improvement in my core strength and my balance, and a reoccurring niggle in my hip has also improved! I aspire to set the example and use my experience to educate and help others to also improve their body.

What is Pilates

The easiest way to describe it is that you’re working from the inside out. It focuses on the alignment of your spine (your posture being correct), your breath (inhaling and exhaling throughout the movement) and your core (using your core muscles throughout the exercises). Pilates is a full body approach therefore you won’t be working solely on 1 muscle group/body part.

Common Pilates Myths

It’s easy - If you are concentrating on breathing, using your core and having the correct alignment, focusing on all of those is difficult if you are performing the exercise correctly.

It doesn’t do anything - Try to 1-2 classes a week for 6-8 weeks you should see an improvement. Over a matter of months you will notice more developments, whether that be progressing to the harder option, having improved balance and posture and/or being able to understand the principles of how each exercise will benefit you.

It’s just for women - Pilates is for men just as much as it is women. The founder of Pilates was a man, ‘Joseph Pilates’, so I assure you it is for both. Beat the stereotype lads! Get to a class on a regular basis and I promise you it will help.

12 advantages of Pilates

  1. Increases the range of motion in your joints. Your joints will become more mobile.
  2. Improves balance.
  3. Improves posture/alignment.
  4. Core strength and control will improve.
  5. Prevents injuries.
  6. Can be used as injury rehabilitation.
  7. Improves flexibility.
  8. Improves sports performance.
  9. Enables better body control.
  10. Adaptable to all fitness levels.
  11. Increases awareness of your mind/body connection.
  12. Options to regress or progress the movement.   


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