BUCS Focus: M1 Badminton

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BUCS Focus: M1 Badminton
M1 Badminton Rolled Over Sheffield

Northumbria University M1 Badminton took on Sheffield at Sport Central coming away with a comprehensive 6-2 victory.

By the halfway stage Northumbria found themselves leading 3-1 after four hard fought games.

The narrow loss came in doubles competition with the paring of Michael Charlton and Rob Moore unfortunate to lose 19-18.

“It was class, everyone played really well, it was the battle for top position really,” said president and player Charlton.

“We’ve had some new partners coming in - Rob’s (Rob Moore) come up from the second team and absolutely preformed. He was a bit nervous but he got on with it.

“The first loss was a bit disappointing. We didn’t get the win but we just built on all of our mistakes and did the deed in the second round. Obviously it was our first game playing together and we played really well.”

The second round of games carried on in much the same fashion as the first with Northumbria grinding out another three impressive victories resulting in the 6-2 win.

This result sees Northumbria knock Sheffield off the top spot in the North 2B in what was a very important clash as both teams shared the same points going into the game.

 “There were a lot of very close games and they’re a good team which is why they were joint top,” added Charlton

 “We made a few errors but we’ve been training hard - five times a week and it shows.

“Next game we’re in the cup against their second team and this result puts us in a great position after beating the first team. Hopefully we can go and do the same again and get the win.”

Northumbria are away to Sheffield M2 next week in the Northern Conference Cup.

Johnathan Ramsay

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