Looking for how you'll travel to and from fixtures? All the latest information with regards on how you'll get to and from fixtures you'll find here. Things such as how to reclaim millage costs and insurance policies. 

Travelling To Fixtures

Northumbria Sport staff will book all the team coaches for the BUCS weekly fixtures for the teams that require them. For smaller teams, hire cars from our partners at Enterprise will be used, with a member of the team driving to and from fixtures. We will book these on behalf of the team, but there are a few things that you will need to complete in order to drive a University car: 

You will need to register for a University drivers permit with your drivers license number, this will log all of your details so we can register you with Enterprise. It's a good idea to ensure that everyone on the team who holds a license fills out this form, we can register multiple drivers per car, so the driving can be shared. Follow the link below to apply for a permit: 

           Apply now 

If you are driving a University hired Enterprise car, Northumbria Sport will reimburse fuel up to a pre-agreed amount (please note that this has to have been built into your club travel budget, ask your Club Development Officer for more information). Only pre-authourised travel costs will be available to be claimed back from Northumbria.

The Student Expenses Form linked below will be how you claim back fuel. When submitting the expenses form, you will need to ensure that you insert your faculty as 'Campus Services' so Northumbria Sport can approve your request. Please note that evidence of expenditure will be required - so keep your receipts as supporting documents! Once completed, the link for submission is included at the top of the form. Please don't forget to add "100833" in the cost centre box at the bottom of the page too. 

The following link will take you to the Student Expenses Claim Form: 

Away Fixture Requirements

Before any team can travel to an away fixture, Team Captains will have to submit an Away Trip Form a minimum of 12 hours before departure. Without submitting this, the team will NOT be able to travel to their fixture. The submission for the away trip form is included at the top of the document that is linked below:

The Team Captain will also need to complete a 'Sports Travel Risk Assessment' for their team. Your Away Trip Form will be needed as a supporting document for your risk assessment, so complete the above form first!  

 The link below will take you to the general risk assessment page, please ensure you select the correct risk assessment 'Sports Travel':

The document linked below provides you wth all the Emergency Contacts that you will need for travel, both in the UK and abroad: 

If you have any questions regarding away travel, get in touch with your Club Development Officer.