Here you will find any important documents that you may need throughout the season. Not all of these will be relevent to every club, but have a look through so you are aware of the guidance available. 

General Documents

One form that is an essential for ALL individuals, club members, volunteers and interns, is our Code of Conduct. This will have to be read through, and agreed to, before you sign up for any opportunity with Northumbria Sport. It is linked below for you to refer back too: 

As a University, we work closely with UKAD to deliver a clean sport programme across all opportunities. Follow this link for more information on our committed Clean Sport and Anti Doping policy: 

The next two forms are relevent for all clubs - our Sponsorship and Social Media Guidelines.

Creating engaging and professional socials for your club can really help with building a presence and attracting new members, along with an easy way of keeping followers (and Northumbria Sport) up to date with everything you offer as a club: 

The following Sponsorship guidlines explain everything that you will need to attract sponsorship to your club. Sponsorship can be attained for things such as leisure kit for your members and any social connections with businesses that you feel will benefit your club.

Please note, the University has partnered with New Balance for BUCS weekly playing kit this year, meaning that teams will not be able to get any form of sponsorship on playing kit (See kit tab for more information).

The following guidelines include advice on businesses that are appropriate, logo and branding guidelines for any kit requests and contact details for apporval of potential sponsors: 

Once you have found an appropriate sponsor, you will have to submit a Sponsorship Request Form and a Sponsorship Agreement Form to your Club Development Officer, who will then forward them to be approved by Northumbria Sport. Please note that the request form has to be approved before an agreement can be drafted. The forms are linked below: 

Northumbria University and Northumbria Sport understand that engagement in sporting activites contributes significantly to a positive student experience. The link below will take you to a document that explains how we work alongside your academic commitments, so you can make the most out of sporting opportunities: 

Incident and Injury Forms

Hopefully you won't be needing this, but we have linked belowour incident and injury form. It is essential that all injuries and incidents are reported to Northumbria Sport by the Team Captain, the submission link for the form will be included within the document:

Please speak to your coaches and get in touch with Northumbria Sport staff if you have any queries about submitting injury and incident forms. We understand that this could be a difficult situation - we are here to support you.