Fitness Members EXCLUSIVE Facebook group

Posted by Jen Rudin

Fitness Members EXCLUSIVE Facebook group

More than ever we know it’s important to keep active but also to be flexible in how we go about it! This year has taught us that for lots of things its useful to have both ‘in-person’ and ‘digital’ options… a ‘blended’ approach if you like!

We LOVE having you back in the gym but also know that lots of our members aren’t always on campus due to new ways of working or studying or even there may be times when we need to self-isolate.

We want to make sure we can keep in touch and also provide more opportunities for you to keep active so wherever you are you… NEVER TRAIN ALONE!

We have now set up an exclusive Facebook group for Sport Central Fitness Members. Joining is easy and all you have to do is follow the link to the Facebook group (or Search Sport Central Fitness Members) and request to join. If you have a Sport Central Fitness Membership, then you will have your request to join accepted.

Don’t delay as the first 100 members who sign up will receive a free t-shirt!


What the group will offer…

  • Our dedicated and qualified fitness instructors will provide workouts that you can do in the gym or at home.
  • Scheduled live and pre-recorded classes that will allow you to join regular timetabled classes from outside the gym.
  • Polls and surveys, so as members you can have your say on the group exercise timetable and in the gym.
  • Fitness instructors on hand to answer any health and fitness related questions you may have.
  • A group to share, discuss, laugh and socialise during a time that can sometimes make us feel isolated.
  • Gym challenges and workouts of the week.
  • Important gym updates to keep you up to speed.



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