Festive Fitness

Posted by Theo Ravenhill

Festive Fitness

Indulge in festive treats but maintain balance through regular workouts. Our gym, open 9AM to 4PM between 27th December and 31st December, We will also be running small group classes for added motivation. Consider trying a new style of exercise to keep things exciting and invigorating.

Looking ahead to the New Year, kickstart your fitness journey with personalized training sessions. One-on-one training provides tailored guidance and motivation, ensuring you reach your goals efficiently. If you're looking for an affordable alternative, join me for invigorating spin classes in January. These dynamic sessions promise to set the ball rolling on your fitness resolutions, offering a cost-effective way to make exercise an enjoyable part of your routine throughout the year. Celebrate the holidays, but step into the New Year with a renewed focus on your well-being.

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