BLOG | Move More, Eat Less. My simple focus to feeling healthy again!


BLOG | Move More, Eat Less. My simple focus to feeling healthy again!

Northumbria’s Head of Aquatics, Louise Graham reflects on her active 2019. Having personal and clear reasons to improve her health and a simple mantra of MOVE MORE, EAT LESS helped keep her focus… and lose a cool 15kg along the way!


Things sometimes take a while to get going

Last January’s resolution… “move more, eat less” was what I told people.. But it took a while to actually start living up to that.

I started at an eye watering 96+kg!!  And if I’m honest, after having baby number 2, I didn’t have the energy or the time to care what the scales said or how tight my jeans had become, so I was that weight for a long time.


Even though I didn’t like the 34% body fat and high levels of visceral fat on my initial health check in March, it took a while to find my motivation properly so after playing around with a few exercise classes and intermittent attendance at the gym, in July, with increasingly sore knees and plantar fasciitis (basically a really sore heel every day), I decided I HAD to do something to change.

The eating habits were first to be overhauled. I had 3 simple rules; no more eating the kid’s leftovers, no more daily sweet treats during the afternoon energy lull, and more fresh fruit & veggies. Easy peasy right?  Well yes, it actually was! And I think that’s because I had a good reason to change, the aches and pains were my incentive, and the fact I have two little balls of energy who don’t have an off switch…they needed a fitter mammy!


Short and simple gym sessions

Exercise-wise I haven’t been a slave to the gym, just 2-3 sessions a week, all between 20-30min. It was actually kick started during the summer while the main Sport Central gym was being refurbished and the temporary gym in the Corry room was in my line of sight every time the office door opened – I literally had no excuse. 

In the gym I basically go as hard as possible for a short CV session (something low impact like spinning, cross trainer or stepper), sometimes I add a couple of strength/stability exercises, I usually sweat plenty then have a quick stretch off in the shower, nothing ground breaking and not too time consuming for a working mother. From now on I’ll just maintain the healthier (eating & exercise) habits and (hopefully) stay pain free carrying my lighter load around!


Official Results!!

Fast forward to the last weigh in of 2019 on the fancy scales at the Sport Central gym and I’ve lost 15kg in total, and my body fat is now 24% with visceral fat down to 4! So there you go, no type 2 diabetes for me! And I’ve had no knee or heel pain for ages, happy days!


Secret to success?! Have a reason or 2…that’s it. My reasons were to be pain free and be able to chase after my two little monkeys!!  This January, my resolution is to stay healthy and do some toning up now the bulk of my extra weight has disappeared!


As a Sport Central Fitness Member you can access a Health Assessment with one of our Personal Trainers. Why not find out where you’re at now and set those goals for the year ahead. Keep it simple and ‘Be More Louise’… MOVE MORE, EAT LESS

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