Support Services

Our Focus Sport Athletes and many of our Sport Clubs access our range of Athlete Support Services 

Strength and Conditioning

At Northumbria University we offer strength and conditioning support to our performance athletes and selected teams to enhance performance and reduce the risk of injury. Our qualified S&C coaches will also work closely with our team of physiotherapist and sport science experts to make sure that athletes are getting the best out of their training programme.


We aim to improve our athletes understanding of strength and conditioning by supporting them to develop their training skills and knowledge in order to increase their capacity for training.

Improvement in these factors will result in development of physical abilities such as:

  • Endurance/Durability/Work capacity
  • Movement and Mobility
  • Stability and Robustness
  • Strength and Power

Our programme includes

  • One to one or group coaches sessions
  • Dedicated strength & conditioning suite with 6 Olympic lifting platforms
  • Biomechanical screening
  • Individualised gym and pitch based training programmes
  • Performance testing and monitoring


Northumbria University offer a treatment and rehabilitation service for selected performance athletes and teams based at the Sport Central. Our expert sports physiotherapist work closely with our S&C coaches to understand the causes of injuries to ensure they are able to identify, treat and eliminate sport related injuries.

Whether you are a performance athlete or take part in social sport Northumbria Sport have an in-house massage service that offers sports massages.

 Our programme includes 

  • Physiotherapy treatment and rehabilitation support for scholarship athletes
  • Physiotherapy screenings for scholarship athletes
  • Discounted physiotherapy at Physiotherapy Matters
  • In-house sports massage

In order to achieve peak performance when it matters it is important to understand what to eat and when. Whether it be in training, pre, during or post competition your nutritional intake will play a key part of your ability to work effectively.

The role of our nutritionists is to evaluate the dietary needs of the athlete and provide practical recommendations that will help optimise heath and performance. The nutritionist will assess the current eating habits and preferences and highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the athletes current nutritional strategy.

Our programme includes

  • One to one consultations
  • Customised dietary recommendations
  • Group workshops including: Introduction to Sports Nutrition, Nutrition for Travel, Shopping tips, Fuel for Performance, Supplement Advice and Practice Cooking Skills

Performance Analysis

Performance analysis can be used in a whole host of different ways, whether it be gathering game stats or improving individual technical performance. Performance analysis provides high quality footage and information allows athletes and coaches the platform to focus on area’s to review and improve performance.

Northumbria University have a well established intern and volunteer programme where level 5 and 6 students are offered the opportunity to transfer their theoretical knowledge from the performance analysis module into real-life practical situations.

Our programme includes

  • Filming and analysis of fixtures
  • Individual access to all footage online via Hudl
  • Pre and Post match feedback sessions delivered by coaches and analysts
  • Individual player and athlete analysis
  • Support for players and athletes in building footage

Sport Psychology

The aim of sport psychology is to help athletes prepare psychologically for the demands of competition and training. This service is delivered through tailored one-to-one sessions (on a referral basis), resources and workshops.

Individual support can include - goal setting, anxiety management, cognitive techniques, imagery, concentration/focusing techniques, confidence, mental toughness/resilience and counselling.Team support we can offer includes - team goals, role clarity, communication, leadership, cohesion and tournament/competition preparation strategies.

Clean Sport Commitment

All sporting participants have the right to compete in Clean Sport.

Northumbria University adopts the UK Anti-Doping and World Anti- Doping Agency (WADA) position that cheating, including doping, in sport is fundamentally contrary to the spirit of sport, undermining the otherwise positive impact of sport on society.

To this end, Northumbria University commits to support Clean Sport in the UK in the following ways:

  • Northumbria University supports the mission of UK Anti-Doping and WADA in achieving Clean Sport.
  • All athletes are expected to play, train and compete in line with the spirit of sport, including the anti-doping rules.
  • All coaches and athlete support personnel are expected to perform their role in line with the spirit of sport, including the anti-doping rules.
  • Northumbria University is committed to supporting the prevention of doping behaviour in the UK in collaboration with other sporting bodies
  • Employed and associated ‘staff’ will not condone, assist or in any way support the use of prohibited substances and methods (unless permitted by a Therapeutic Use Exemption) in any aspects of their work.
  • Breaches of this, or any rules/policies referred to in Northumbria University own code of practice/conduct will be acted upon accordingly.
  • All employed and associated staff will be expected to contact UK Anti-Doping should they become aware of an athlete or NGB member using or considering the usage of a prohibited substance or prohibited method. This contact should be done in confidence on the dedicated confidential Report Doping in Sport line.
  • The Northumbria University will uphold any sanctions placed upon an athlete by UK Anti-Doping or other associated body in accordance with the World Anti-Doping Code.

Our programme includes 

  • Group workshops to on Anti-Doping in sport
  • Supplement and nutritional advice
  • Access to Anti-Doping Educators and Advisors

Useful Links

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