Dual Career & Lifestyle Support

Northumbria University provides dual career support for highly talented sporting individuals Enabling students to achieve their academic and sporting potential through a dual career pathway offer.  It is a priority of Northumbria University to provide a platform for student athletes to reach their educational and sporting potential.

Northumbria University looks to provide an appropriate level of support for all student sport scholarship and TASS athletes. The level of support will change depending on the representative level of the student-athlete (i.e., International, National, Regional or British University Competitive Sports (BUCS)). Appropriate support is open to any talented student athletes studying at Northumbria University and is not limited to recipients of a University Scholarship or TASS award.  As a dual career athlete you will benefit from accessing the Northumbria University academic flexibility policy and lifestyle support.

Northumbria have dedicated staff to support you through your dual career joining.

Heather Steel & Tom Robinson

Dual Career Coordinators

Neil Tait

Dual Career Ambassador

Lifestyle support is a service that is designed to empower you as an athlete. At Northumbria we have a team of TALS accredited advisors will help support and encourage you to fit both sport and studies into your busy life helping you to develop in both areas. As an athlete you will be allocated a lifestyle advisor who is familiar with the demands of performance sport and education. They will also be able to signpost you to fellow professionals who will be able to provide specialist support.

Your lifestyle advisor will work with you to consider your schedule, support network, demands and challenges as well as how to resolve these. Support in these areas may take the form of tailored one-to-one guidance, resources or workshops.