Mental Health

We want you to have the best experience at university and we are here to help ensure you that can happen. Sometimes we have anxieties and worries which we all experience in everyday life, to other longer-term problems that affect our daily functioning. These feelings often pass, but sometimes they are hard to cope with. 

There is lots of evidence which suggests taking part in physical activity can have a great impact on mental well-being. Being active can help improve mood, and decrease the chance of depression and anxiety leading to a better and more balanced lifestyle. 

Getting active doesn't have to be about going full out and long intensive sessions. You could mix things up by taking part in both individual and group challenges, or even online. 


Access 24/7 Support

To find out more information on conselling and advice CLICK HERE


NU Thinking

Northumbria Sport are delighted to work closely with Student, Library and Academic Services to offer students an exercise referral scheme that enables students to access our state-of-the-art sport facilities.

Between March 2021 and August 2021 Northumbria Sport have worked with 18 students from a range of different backgrounds. These 18 students have attend 5 PT sessions, 21 Nutritional Advice sessions and 74 meetings with the Sport Development Officer who has work on their case. This has meant in total 18 students have had exactly 100 touch points. This means on average students would have 6 interactions with a member of staff throughout the programme

The main objective of the NU Thinking programme is to improve student Well-Being and contribute towards students having a positive experience on campus. To gauge the impact, we are having on students we ask students complete the Edinburgh and Warwick Scale at the beginning, mid-way and end of the programme. On average students who completed the scale in first week registered a score of 36, on the second week students registered a score of 43.6 and for those students who have completed the programme the average score is 51.5. This highlights the positive impact the programme has had on students.

UK Coaching

UK Coaching have pulled together a number of resources to help promote mental health awarness through coaching. They have produced this in partnership with Mind, the video helps those understand mental health better.

  • What mental health is
  • the barriers faced by those living with or recovery from a mental health problem, 
  • the CARE acronym - a useful tool for coaches when promoting good menteal health through their coaching