This section will provide you with all the information regarding kit at Northumbria for your clubs and teams - playing kit, leisure kit and who is in charge of it all! 

Playing Kit

Northumbria Sport are excited to announce that we have partnered with New Balance for our 2022/2023 playing kit. All weekly BUCS teams will be provided with brand new playing kit that should be worn for all home and away fixtures. When the kit is being handed over to your team, we will complete a kit audit and get the Team Captains to sign out all items that are provided to you.

Team Captains are in charge of kit, this includes organising who will be washing the kit after every fixture. We advise that you take it turns, but please follow the washing instructions to keep everything in good condition! Captains will also be responsible for handing all playing kit back to Northumbria Sport at the end of the season and reporting any damages and wear and tear. 

Leisure Wear

Press the logo below and it will take you to our Club Shop, this is where you can purchase leisure and sportswear through the University partnership with New Balance: 


New Balance Team Sports


Due to our partnership with New Balance, no sponsorship will be placed on any team playing kit. However, clubs can gain sponsorship for any leisure kit that you may be interested in purchasing for your club. The following guidelines include advice on attracting appropriate businesses, logo and branding requirements and contact details to ensure that your sponsor fits the criteria. 

Please note that all leisure kit designs will need to be approved by Northumbria Sport before you can go ahead with printing. Instructions on how to do this are included in the following document:

Once you have found an appropriate sponsor, you will have to submit a Sponsorship Request Form and a Sponsorship Agreement Form to your Club Development Officer, who will then forward them to be approved by Northumbria Sport. Please note that the request form has to be approved before an agreement can be drafted. The forms are linked below: