Interested in becoming a committee member for one of our clubs? Here you'll find all the roles which are available. Each club will have at least a President, Team Captain and a Communication & Engagement Officer. 

Every year, each Sports Club must have a committee elected by its full Sports Club members at an annual general meeting (AGM).

For the 2022-23 academic year, sports Club committees must consist of three core roles which will be recognised in the Northumbria Sport Leadership Programme. The three roles are President, Captain and Club Engagement Officer. 

Clubs may wish to appoint additional committee positions to their club committee structure. Any roles added must be communicated to Northumbria Sport staff.

Only current Northumbria students who are full members of the club and enrolled to study at the University for 2022-23 can hold a committee position.

A club must have 3 elected committee positions to be recognised and receive leadership programme benefits.

Sports clubs must organise the date and time of their AGM when all members are available. The AGM can be done face to face or virtually, and sufficient time to communicate the details of your AGM must be given.

Below is the link to a handy pdf document that will talk you through the roles available, the process of applying and any key contacts. 

Committee Information