BUCS Team Sports

Welcome to the BUCS Team Sports page! 

Here you will find all the information and guidance that you will need throughout the season. Before you complete any of the below, make sure you have a read through the BUCS Rules and Regulations for general competiton and then for your specific sport: 

Here is a list of helpful links for you, and your team, to get set up on BUCS Play. This will need to be completed at the beginning of the season to ensure you're all ready and set up to compete for Northumbria University:   

Now that you're all set up, you have to submit a team sheet before EVERY fixture (failure to do this will result in points being deducted). This link below will show you how to do this: 

Once you have completed the weeks fixture, you need to upload the score onto BUCS Play - this is usually done by the Team Captain:

We have created a handy match day checklist for you. Refer to this weekly to ensure that you have done all the relevent steps to compete! 

Hopefully you won't be needing this, but the playing under protest form is to be completed by the Team Captain if there are any issues within the match that you would like to appeal (e.g. opposition teamsheets not matching the players on the day), and is to be submitted to your Club Development Officer to take further action: 

Finally, for those team events that are not BUCS Weekly fixtures, here are some links to guidance when entering your team:

(Please note that these do not apply to all teams, your Club Development Officers will be in touch if there is an upcoming event for your sport)  ‚Äč