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Stephen's 10 Fun Facts of Christmas

Posted by Mimi Hawley-Green

Stephen's 10 Fun Facts of Christmas

We all know that Christmas is a time for relaxing, family festivities and the classic traditions but here’s something almost as unbelievable as Santa’s ability to get round the whole world delivering presents down chimney’s in one night…  For one day only, I'm going to put down my camera, stop snapping and focus on pulling together some great Christmas facts to help you unwind from your first term of sport and well, because it’s Christmas!  


They are unashamedly not sport or photography related!!


1. The most wonderful time of the year?

They say it’s the most wonderful time of the year, but did you know that 2 weeks before Christmas is the most common time of the year for couples to separate, so if this happens to you don't panic you are not the only one!! Why not gather your other single mates and enjoy a lovely mince pie, but you better watch out and not eat one on Christmas day because it’s illegal (apparently!).


2. Vitamin Christmas Tree!

Speaking of Christmas food have you ever looked at all your Christmas sweets and chocolates and thought oh dear the Christmas diet isn't going to last long? Well, why not take a bite out of your Christmas tree, the needles are a great source of vitamin C which should give you that needed boost!


3. Thanks for Jingles Bells

Anyway, all this talk of food is making me hungry so let’s move onto a sing along, anyone fancy jingle bells or should I say ‘one horse open sleigh’ because did you know, it’s not even a Christmas song! It was originally written for thanksgiving by 2 astronauts.


4. A time to be grateful

This next fact is so unbelievable you’re going to say NO(R) WAY! The Christmas tree in Trafalgar square has been donated by Oslo (Capital of Norway, pun intended) every year to say thank you to the British for the assistance in WW2.


5. Shop till you drop! 

I hope these facts are amazing you and you are still reading! Or perhaps you’ve started googling them to see if they are true! Speaking of the internet, over the festive period 6,000 online transactions happen every second as shoppers head online to buy their Christmas gifts.


6. Wham!

Last Christmas I gave you my heart but the very next day George Michael grew a beard and never shaved it away! After he filmed the music video for his Christmas hit George Michael never featured in a music video without a beard again – FACT!


7. I couldn’t NOT mention Home Alone!

Could you imagine being absolutely terrified of spider and then being told you had to have one placed on your face and you are not allowed to scream? Well that’s how the actor, Daniel Stern, who played Marv in the film ‘Home Alone’ felt. He only allowed them record the scene once meaning they had to edit the scream in after.


8. Home Alone 2?

Another Home Alone fact about Daniel Stern, that you also might not know is that he kept forgetting that he was acting in a children family comedy, and would often swear during the filming. When attempting to retrieve his shoe through the doggie door, Marv utters the word ’S***’ which never got cut from the movie (look for it 55minutes and 27seconds into the movie)


9. Just 12 Days of Christmas?

I hope you are keeping up with all the facts I'm telling, here is one that may blow your mind completely! Did you know that if you add up all the gifts given on each day of the 12 Days of Christmas song, you would have 364 gifts to give, one for every day of the year! (Minus Christmas Day)


It’s clearly obvious I shouldn't give up my day job, although some say I don't have a real day job anyway, but it has been fun finding out all these barmy festive facts!


I’ll let you all and go have a Merry Christmas and enjoy a festive drink… Which reminds me…


10. Christmas Olympics?

Did you know that the amount of alcohol drank in the UK over Christmas would fill up 57 Olympic size swimming pools! Enjoy tucking into your Christmas dinner, unless you’re Japanese in which case enjoy your KFC! (A traditional Japanese Christmas meal). 


See you in 2020 when I’ll be back behind my camera!

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