COVID-19 Update | Sport FAQ's

Posted by Jen Rudin

COVID-19 Update | Sport FAQ's

COVID-19 Northumbria Sport Update FAQs 

UPDATED 23 March 2020


In light of the developing situation and government guidelines around COVID-19 we have made the decision to cease all of our upcoming sport activity and close both our Sport Facilities (Sport Central and Coach Lane Sports Centre) as of 1430 on Friday 20 March 2020 


Read our full statement here 




Q. Am I eligible to claim a refund on my Student Sport Club Membership?

           A. Refund requests will not be considered until we understand the full impact of the closures. We will then work to review the impact and what options there are for offering compensation should this be felt necessary.


  Q. Will BUCS Competitions and fixtures recommence including the finals?

  A.  Currently BUCS has stopped ALL activities until 01April 2020. However, with the constant changes and developments    with  COVID-19 we cannot be sure if and when fixtures and competitions will recommence for the 2019/20 season. Follow BUCS here


       Q. Can I stop my Fitness Membership Direct Debit?

       A. To make it easier for you, we will be freezing ALL Direct Debits and will restart them once we reopen, so don’t cancel it with your 




Q. Can I stop my Salary Deduction Fitness Membership?

A. To make it easier for you, we will be freezing ALL Salary Deduction and will restart them once we reopen.


              Q. I have an Annual Fitness Membership, will I get any refund?


Q. I paid upfront for my Fitness Membership, will I get any refund?

A. Yes, we will refund you the pro rata amount for the time we are closed. On reopening we will contact you to arrange your refund.


Q. I have made a court or pitch booking and paid for this booking in advanced, but the facility is now closed, will I get a refund?

A. Yes, all bookings paid for in advanced will be automatically refunded.


Q. When will I get my Kids Camp refund?

A.  We have submitted all refund requests to our finance team so they will be processed over the coming weeks


Q. When will I be able to make a new/rearranged booking for an event or activity?

A. At the moment, due to the number of cancellations we are currently having to make we have stopped taking ALL activity and event bookings. We will start taking them again once we reopen the facilities following government and University advice.


Q. I was using my volunteer/internship opportunity as placement hours, will I be penalised for not completing it?

A. You will receive guidance directly from the placements team and your faculty regarding your placement. We understand that there will be an increased level of flexibility in the ways in which you can complete it. Please make contact with them and read the updates on the student portal in the first instance   


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