BLOG | Trying a new sport is the best way to start the New Year


BLOG | Trying a new sport is the best way to start the New Year

Our Student Sport President, Marc Wood, brings you our second January Wellbeing blog. He believes University is all about trying new things so adding a sport to your University New Year goals list is a MUST! 

For many people, University is a place of firsts: first time living away from home, first time washing your own clothes, first time going to a night club and the first (of many) all-nighters in the library finishing an assignment you were ‘meant to start weeks ago’. However, this January I believe you NEED to add trying a new sport to the top of your Uni New Year bucket list and Northumbria Sport have the best people to help you with that!

Here’s why…

Friendly and patient environment

One of the main reasons why Northumbria Sport hosts the BEST environment to try a new sport or activity is the friendly and inclusive environment created by coaches and students. One of the biggest barriers stopping people from trying a new sport, often is the fear of being the ‘worst person there’ or constantly messing up. But after one session, those worries will genuinely go away due to the encouragement and friendly environment within the sports programmes, allowing you to get stuck in and try something new without all the preconceived fear!

Learn from scratch or start competitively

If you are one of those people who want to try a new sport but still have a competitive drive and want to play in fixtures, then Northumbria Sport is the perfect place to find a new challenge! All our club programmes actively welcome beginners and many of the clubs have competitive fixtures, meaning that whilst learning your new trade, you can still compete for your university – if you want! If that isn’t enough, some of our TEAMS also welcome and seek new members into their squads, meaning that if you can learn a new sport as well as compete in weekly BUCS fixtures!

Student finance friendly

An amazing benefit of the Northumbria Sport clubs is the low cost for students wanting to participate. This January, clubs cost as little as £25 for the full semester! There is no better time to blow off the January cob webs and try something completely new for a budget price!

Room for progression

The HUGE benefit of trying a new sport or activity with Northumbria Sport is there is room to progress. Many of our sports boast a full programmes of clubs and teams allowing you to progress from learning and development to national competition!

Real life story

If you don’t believe that is possible, look no further than me! In my now four years at University I have transitioned from arriving as a cricketer, switching to learn how to box in the CLUB programme before developing into a (average at best) TEAM boxer before finishing out university in the Lacrosse team. Everyone can see I am not a naturally built athlete, born to perform, so take the inspiration from me and know that if you want to do it, you can!

Some people come to university in love with their childhood sport and leave, in love with the same sport. However, for some, discovering a new sport, learning new skills and challenging yourself to be the best at something new end up being the best decision they made at university and is an experience they carry with them for the rest of their lives. To conclude, don’t be afraid to take the challenge of a new challenge, you might end up finding your new favourite thing! 


We’ve made it easy to set a New Year - New Sport goal! This semester our CLUBS are just £25 for those with a Fitness membership or £75 without

Not sure what sport you fancy? Come along to one (or as many as you like) of our 28 taster sessions during our FREE CLUB Taster Week

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