Volunteer Training & Resources

As a volunteer or intern on our student leadership programme you will be provided with all the knowledge and skills we feel is required to fully prepare you for your role and provide a positive experience to others. 

You will receive free training in Emergency First Aid, Safeguarding and Protecting Children and Vunerable Adults, Mental Health in Sport & Physical Activity including Reactivate Volunteer Covid-19 training so you feel safe and protected in and outside the University. 

Once you are appointed into one of our roles you'll be given online access to training via our volunteer portal which you can access at any time. Register online for regular updates on volunteer, intern and training opportunities to get involved! 






We've listed below some other useful networks that you can access for additional training and development. The providers below offer a range of sport related webinars, e-learning sessions and courses that you can book onto or access on the go. Simply click on the links below for further info! 


UK Coaching are the go to resource if you're passionate about coaching, teaching and leading activity. We recommend the Duty of Care toolkit which includes training on all the essentials including Safeguarding, Mental Health, well-being and inclusion. Click below to explore a range of FREE webinars, online e-learning and courses related to sports coaching and development.


Tyne and Wear Sport and Northumberland Sport have recently joined to form RISE. Keep up to date for local training opportunities via their website.



Explore a range of FREE sport and fitness online short courses including a variety of topics in coaching, physchology, media and culture to expand your knowledge further. 


Sign-up to NU Graduate Futures for a advice and support on all things career, placements and enterprise.


As a sport volunteer you will receive monthly newsletters with additional opportunities and exclusive offers on courses as well as other great podcasts and webinars from across the sport and fitness industry.