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The Student Management Group is here to support you! Their role as a group is to enhance the student voice of Northumbria University Sport and drive forward the promotion of all programmes & events to ALL students to enhance the student experience!

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If you have any ideas, activities of feedback that you would like to provide please email the Student Management Group:

Why Get Involved?

Emma Haley, Community Intern

'My internship allows me to impact the sporting community around Newcastle, engaging with more people through sport. SMG is also a fantastic opportunity to make a difference around the university, leading on social campaigns and working closely with other Northumbria Sport interns.'

Dom Hughes, Tennis Intern

'The role that has led to me being part of the Student Management Group has been a blessing in terms of my personal and professional development. Not only has it provided me with the opportunity to develop skills by leading on projects, marketing and setting up events as well as putting my own ideas into practicality but also has introduced me to an amazing group of people and I am confident will definitely enhance my entire university experience.'

Tom Henderson, Performance Analysis Intern

'This internship is allowing me to gain applied experience in Sport Performance Analysis, giving me an insight into a possible career path following my degree. Being a member of the SMG is giving me a first-hand insight into the wider running of Northumbria Sport and allowing me to gain experience in management of various events and campaigns.'

Grace Donnelly, NORTH Intern

'This internship has given me the opportunity to be involved in the NORTH program working closely with participation sport. I am enjoying using campaigns to improve the student experience. Working in the SMG group gives me an understanding of how Northumbria Sport works behind the scenes. '

Lizzie Patterson, Team Northumbria Intern

'So far my internship has allowed me to be creative and come up with new ideas to help Northumbria Sport. It will give me opportunities to develop myself for life outside of university as well! In addition to this it will allow me to meet new people and enhance my university experience.'

Aly Findlay, Team Northumbria Intern

This internship is giving me the opportunity to get insight and understanding into how everything runs in Team Northumbria, and to get work experience in all the different areas of Northumbria Sport. It allows me to get to know and work with people that i have not met before and generally increase my involvement and enjoyment in my final year as part of Team Northumbria.

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