Touch is a game similar to rugby union or rugby league without the tackling, scrumming or kicking. It is a minimal contact sport played worldwide by men and women with an emphasis on running agility and ball handling skills.

It is open to all Northumbria University students at any level of experience. We play once per week at Sport Central and you can join our club for as little as £25. Click the link below or visit Sport Central to join and get started with like-minded students.

Learn 2 Programme

Tuesday 20:00-21:00

Sessions start from Tuesday 9th October until Tuesday 13th November 2018. We'll then be running another 6 weeks from Tuesday 5th February until 12th March 2019.

Member: £25

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For new students you will need to sign up for a free account first. Click the button below to sign up:

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What to expect

You will have a qualified coach at each session who will ensure you enjoy the session and give you advice on how you can improve your skills.

On top of that there are regular Sport Socials where you can meet and socialise outside of the sessions.