Northumbria University has an aquatics programme comprising of swimming and water polo and the two programmes are integrated. 

Northumbria are number one in the UK for Paralympic swimming and have had a run of success at BUCS long and short course events. Northumbria have had a successful swimming programme for a number of year and since 2012 have been a leading institution for Paralympic swimming. We focus on offering athlete centred, coach led programme that enables our swimmers to have a successful dual career.

With a strong representation at the Paralympic games in Rio 2016, including current students Claire Cashmore Double Paralympic Silver Medallist, Takayuki Suzuki world record holder and Andrew Mullen double world silver medallist.

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Head of Aquatics: Louise Graham

President: Alex Rosetto 


2015-16 was a season to remember, with over 358 total points scored at Short and Long Course events, as well as the Team Championships - the highest total we have ever achieved. Our roster of athletes is impressive, especially in the disability sphere, and only Loughborough and Edinburgh finished with more swimming points at the end of the season. It will be interesting to see if the team can repeat the feat, but they’re well placed to do so.

Over the last four years, TN Swimming has transformed into one of the best University Swimming Teams in the UK.  With the addition of GB International Coach, Louise Graham, and several seasoned International swimmers, they have become a force to be reckoned with at the BUCS Championships.

With a fully integrated pool and land training programme based at Sport Central, a new £30 million facility in the heart of the campus, TN Swimming offers a World Class package of 20+hrs of training to potential team members. Swimmers will have focussed coaching delivered by full time swimming and strength and conditioning coaches, with access to additional support services available for all sports scholars.  For more info on scholarships, please visit the Team Northumbria Scholarships page

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30 MEDALS won by 5 para swimmers:

14 GOLDS - Harriet Lee 6 (50, 100 & 400 free, 100 BRS, 100 BK, 200IM), Taka Suzuki 5 (50 BK, 50 FLY, 50 BRS, 200 IM, 200 free), Claire Cashmore 2 (50 BRS, 100 FLY), Jack Bridge 1 (100 BRS)

14 SILVERS – Larisa Yarovaya 5 (50, 100 & 400 free, 100 BRS, 100 BK), Lyndon Longhorne 5 (50 FLY, 50 BK, 50 BRS, 200IM, 200 free), Harriet Lee 2 (50 BRS, 100 FLY), Jack Bridge 2 (100 free, 100 BK) 

BRONZES – Larisa Yarovaya 1 (50 BRS), Taka Suzuki 1 (100 free)


9 GOLDS – Taka Suzuki 2 (50 BK, 50 BRS), Harriet Lee 2 (50 free, 100 BRS), Jack Bridge 2 (100 BRS, 200IM), Lyndon Longhorne 1 (50 FLY), Larisa Yarovaya 1 (100 BK), Claire Cashmore 1 (200IM)

SILVERS – Lyndon Longhorne 2 (50 BK, 50 BRS), Claire Cashmore 2 (100 FLY, 100 BRS), Tom Howley 1 (1500 free), Harriet Lee 1 (200IM), Taka Suzuki 1 (50 FLY)

2 bronzes - Larisa Yarovaya 2 (50 & 100 free)


At the recent IPC Euro Championships, 2 of our swimmers were in fine form for Great Britain as they brought home a handful of medals.. 

Claire Cashmore won 1 gold (medley relay), 1 silver (100 fly) and 1 bronze (100 BRS)

Harriet Lee won 1 gold (medley relay) and 1 silver (100 BRS)


At the 2015 World IPC Championships we had one representative para swimmer:

Takayuki Suzuki - 1 silver (Men's SB3 50m)

We will have 3 representatives at this year’s Paralympic Games in Rio (Harriet Lee, Claire Cashmore, Taka Suzuki) – GOOD LUCK TO THEM AS THEY AIM FOR THE TOP OF THE PODIUM!

TN Swimming Aims:

  • To deliver an athlete centred, coach led programme to swimmers with a positive and energetic approach to achieving excellence in swimming
  • To continue to support and promote University Para Swimming at BUCS 2016-17
  • To create an environment where all students are able to achieve their full potential


Performance Squad Structure:

All members of the TN Performance Swimming Squad will be expected to compete when required at BUCS Nationals and Team Championships, and should maintain regular attendance at both pool and land training sessions throughout the season.  International and National level swimmers may apply for scholarships; find out more here.

Please contact Louise Graham ( for further information about training & competition schedules and 2016-17 trials.