Korfball is a sport you’ve probably never heard of before, however it is also one of the most welcoming and open to all sports Northumbria has to offer!

It is a mixed gender sport and because it is mostly unheard of it means that everyone coming to join the team is on the same level. So no need to worry about not knowing how to play!

Korfball is a ball sport with similarities to netball & basketball. It is played by two teams of eight players with eight females either in each team or with four females and four males in each team. The objective is to throw the ball through a bottomless basket that is mounted on a 3.5m (11.5ft) high pole.

The Korfball club has everything from BUCS entries to casual members who play for fun, to stay fit and to socialise. No matter how your involved your valued as part of the Korfball club. 

Getting involved

Korfball has a 'JUST JOIN' open to all policy.

For more information on getting involved please contact our Club President or Head Coach.

Club Costs

Korfball (BUCS) Mixed: £160

You should attend a trial session for Korfball, if you are sucessful at trials you will be given a BUCS card. Take this to reception to purchase your membership.

Training Times & Venues

All Korfball activity has now finished for the 20/21 academic year and will return in September - if you would like to find out more before September, please contact the head coach or president using the information in the key contacts section below. 

Key Contacts

Club President: Thomas Houmark

Club Captain: TBC