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Northumbria Sport : Physiotherapy

Sport Nutrition

In order to achieve peak performance when it matters it is important to understand what to eat and when. Whether it be in training, pre, during or post competition your nutritional intake will play a key part of your ability to work effectively.

The role of our nutritionists is to evaluate the dietary needs of the athlete and provide practical recommendations that will help optimise heath and performance. The nutritionist will assess the current eating habits and preferences and highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the athletes current nutritional strategy.

Our programme includes

  • One to one consultations
  • Customised dietary recommendations
  • Group workshops including: Introduction to Sports Nutrition, Nutrition for Travel, Shopping tips, Fuel for Performance, Supplement Advice and Practice Cooking Skills

Meet the experts

Steven Marshall – Nutritionist

Qualifications – PG Cert Sport & Exercise Nutrition, MSc Nutritional Science, BSc Sport and Exercise Science

Experience – Steven completed his undergraduate degree at Northumbria University and went onto working in the food industry. Steven then started to practice privately as a performance nutritionist in 2013, completing his Nutritional Science Master’s degree in 2015. Since then Steven worked with a variety of people, from weight management clients, to Olympic athletes, helping each person work towards their individual goals. Steven has lead the performance nutrition team for our Northumbria Sports Performance Athletes since commencing my PhD studies back in 2016. Since then. The nutrition team has grown through the recruitment of highly skilled interns and volunteers, allowing the team to provide tailored nutrition support to hundreds of athletes every year. As a graduate member of the Sport and Exercise Nutrition Register, Steven uses a mixture of scientific practice and personal experience to formulate the best plan to help our student athletes reach their potential.

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