Upcoming Fixtures and Results

Each week this page will be updated to include the upcoming fixtures and results for our Team Northumbria BUCS teams. Make sure you follow us on Facebook for all of the latest updates and our 'Featured Fixtures' where you can watch our games for free.

BUCS - Upcoming Fixtures

Monday 10 December 

  Team      Results            Opposition Venue        
W1 Water Polo LOSS 7-17 Manchester Met W1 Aquatics Centre
M1 Water Polo LOSS 6-18 Manchester Met M1 Aquatics Centre 

Wednesday 12 December 

Team Results Opposition Venue
M1 Rugby Union WIN 24-7 Durham M1  Durham City RFC

Wednesday 5 December

Team Results Opposition Venue
Home Games
M1 Tennis WIN 10-2 Durham David Lloyd
W1 Tennis WIN 12-0 Lancaster Tennis@Churchill
M1 Lacrosse LOSS 2-13 Lancaster Coach Lane
M1 Hockey WIN 3-0 Leeds Coach Lane
M1 Table Tennis WIN 14-3 Sunderland Sport Central
M2 Rugby Union WIN 41-6 Leeds Beckett Blaydon Rugby
M1 Squash WIN 5-0 Sheffield Sport Central
W1 Water Polo WIN 23-16 Robert Gordon Sport Central
M1 Water Polo WIN (WALKOVER) Loughborough Sport Central
W1 Hockey LOSS 0-2 Nott Trent Coach Lane
M1 Volleyball WIN 3-0 Sheffield Sport Central
Netball 1 LOSS 38-51 Leeds Beckett Sport Central
W2 Basketball LOSS 40-74 Sheff Hallam Sport Central
M2 Basketball LOSS 58-84 Sheff Hallam Sport Central
Away Games
Mx 1 Golf WIN 3.5-2.5 Nottingham Nottingham Golf
M2 Football LOSS 0-5 Newcastle Long Benton
Rugby League 2 LOSS 12-19 Edge Hill Edge Hill
M1 Rugby Union LOSS 14-29 Cardiff Met Cyncoed Campus
Netball 2 WIN 52-30 York St. John YSJU Sports Park

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Wednesday 28 November

Team Result Opposition Venue
Home Games
Mx 1 Golf WIN 6-0 UCLAN Close House
M2 Football WIN 1-0 Sheffield Coach Lane
M1 Badminton DRAW 4-4 Sheff Hallam Sport Central
W1 Badminton WIN (WALKOVER) Edge Hill Sport Central
M1 Lacrosse LOSS 1-20 MMU Coach Lane
W1 Football WIN 6-3 Durham Coach Lane
W1 Water Polo WIN 14-4 Lancaster Sport Central
Rugby League 2 WIN 34-28 MMU Druid Park 
W1 Volleyball WIN 3-2 Durham Sport Central
W2 Basketball WIN 71-58 Leeds Sport Central
M1 Squash WIN 4-1 Durham Sport Central
M1 Water Polo WIN 14-1 Durham Sport Central
M1 Football WIN 3-1 Durham Coach Lane
M1 Volleyball LOSS 1-3 Durham Sport Central
Netball 1 LOSS 71-46 MMU Sport Central
Rugby League 1 WIN 72-18 Newcastle Kingston Park 
W1 Basketball WIN 85-68 Durham Sport Central
M1 Basketball LOSS 89-96 Durham Sport Central
Away Games
W1 Tennis WIN 8-2 Manchester Etihad Campus
M1 Table Tennis WIN 14-3 Hull Hull University
W1 Lacrosse WIN 16-2 Hull Hull University
M2 Rugby Union WIN 12-5 Leeds Bodington
M1 Hockey LOSS 1-2 Sheffield Norton
W1 Hockey DRAW 1-1 Sheffield Norton
Netball 2 WIN 61-33 Durham Maiden Castle

Wednesday 21 November

Team Result Opposition Venue
Home Games
M1 Badminton LOSS 3-5 Glasgow Sport Central
W1 Lacrosse WIN (WALKOVER) UCLAN Coach Lane
W2 Football WIN 4-0 St AndrewS Coach Lane
M2 Rugby Union WIN 27-15 Keele Blaydon Rugby
M1 Lacrosse LOSS 0-18 Glasgow Coach Lane
W1 Hockey LOSS 0-1 Edinburgh Coach Lane
W2 Basketball WIN 72-66 Birmingham Sport Central
Away Games
Mx 1 Golf LOSS 0-6 Birmingham Edgbaston Golf
M1 Tennis WIN 8-0 Chester Hoole LTC
M1 Football WIN 3-1 Nott Trent Clifton Campus
M1 Table Tennis LOSS 7-10 Lancaster Lancaster Uni
W1 Football WIN 8-3 Leeds Beckett Carnegie
Netball 1 LOSS 61-36 Birmingham Edgbaston Park
W1 Badminton WIN 5-3 Strathclyde Strathclyde Sport
M2 Basketball WIN 75-68 Heriot-Watt Heriot Watt Uni
W1 Volleyball WIN 3-2 Nottingham David Ross Sports
M1 Basketball WIN 72-69 Nottingham Jubilee Sports
M1 Rugby Union LOSS 14-22 Cardiff University Sports
W1 Rugby Union WIN 27-15 Edinburgh Peffermill Road
W1 Basketball WIN 115-44 Nott Trent Lee Westwood Sports
M1 Volleyball WIN 3-0 Nottingham David Ross Sport